"Devotion to God is true love."


Scholarship to poor students

Building the Future Nation(BFN) Mission

KREEPA envisions setting up of institutes for formal and non-formal education which would include primary schools, junior basic schools, junior high schools and night schools for adult education and awareness programs in rural areas.Emphasis would be given on a holistic approach with academic education imparted in harmony with moral , spiritual and also technical teachings. Students would be  taught to respect the heritage and culture of their country, realize the dignity of labour and the fundamental principles of human life, which contributes to building their character along with the regular curriculum.Education as envisaged by KREEPA would entail concern for  the following:

Physical Health

Spiritual Health  

Emotional Health 


Sri Dhananjay Das Kathia Baba Milan Mandir,an ashram of the sampradaya,  has already built a school in the holy name of Babaji Maharaj -Swami Rash Behari Das Kathia Baba Junior High School and a Hostel for boys. We wish to extend the capacity of the school to accomodate up to 500 students.

Construction of a  hostel in the name of Swami Rash Behari Das Kathia Babaji Maharaj  (Sri Rashbehari Das Sadan) is being planned where the disadvantaged children may be provided with shelter.

Works Undertaken

1. Providing Primary School Education for Disadvantaged Children: Education of many children hailing from financially weak background is supported by KREEPA.

2. Distribution of School Supplies: KREEPA has distributed stationery and other items of necessity among school going children of poor households.

3. Distribution of Clothes: School Uniforms have been provided to many students of rural areas.

4. Toys and other Play Accessories: Toys and other play items are also distributed among children so as to motivate them.

5. Scholarship/Prizes to Meritorious Children

In order to improve academic performance among children we will announce prizes for all students who scored above 90% on their report card. We hope this will encourage students to study harder and be more attentive in classes. We would also like to eventually provide scholarships to meritorious children from disadvantaged backgrounds. We also organize competition drawing, singing, dancing to attract them towards education. The poor students will be provided with school supplies (books, pens, paper, etc.) and uniforms free of cost. KREEPA has started her journey only a few years it is only your support that can make us strong and help us to enhance educational opportunities of such children. You can assist in this important work by sponsoring a child. Your gift of 1000 INR per month for adopting a child can make a difference. Also you can contribute any amount you wish. A little money saved from the expenditure for your amusement can provide education, medical care, a nutritious diet, and clothing and more importantly  hope to some needy child of our country.